The Next Fair June 9th 2018

Timetable - June 9th 2018

2.00 pm Procession

See their Lordships & Ladyships, the brave Knights and the beautiful Maidens of the parish

2.05 pm Crowning of the May Queen 

Which one of our delightful maidens will take the honour?

2.20 pm Maypole Dancing 

In time honoured tradition

2.50 pm Squires and their Terriers 

The excitement of terrier racing
Also at this time the Timeline Choir will be performing in the Church

3.30 pm Children’s Races

Who will represent Abinger in the Grand Tournament?

4.00 pm Birds of Prey Display 

See the natural behaviour of these magnificent birds doing what they do best - flying free - in the most natural display of its kind.

4.50 pm Grand Raffle Prize Draw 

First Prize: TBC 
Second Prize: TBC
Third Prize: TBC
Fourth Prize: TBC
Fifth Prize: TBC
Sixth Prize: TBC 

Plus many other great prizes worth hundreds of pounds.